hubergroup launches globally compliant folding carton food packaging printing ink

Date 01.30.2019 | Category: News
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Huber IDM Jan19

With increasingly strict and regionally variable regulation of printing inks for food packaging, printers have been required to use a variety of inks in order to meet regulatory demands for European and North American markets. This has made already complex supply chains even more complicated as printers strive to comply with specific regulatory requirements for ink migration limits and raw materials that are different from one region to another.


To help printers more easily meet this challenge, hubergroup has reinvented its MGA NATURA series with a single ink that complies with all FDA Standards and EC Regulations for folding carton food packaging in one formula. This results in reduced approval cycles and increasing production flexibility for brand owners, while printers and converters no longer need to maintain large stocks of a variety of ink types and undertake costly, time-consuming press wash-ups when packaging is destined for different global regions. For more visit


Source: Huber
Author: COX
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