Why choose organic dairy ingredients?

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It may be surprising to see how the choice of a dairy product has a huge impact on consumer behaviour when it comes to choosing between conventional and organic products.

Indeed, the committed consumer will choose a product that is better for his health and more respectful for the environment.

At Ingredia, we have developed a range of organic dairy ingredients because we are committed to raising awareness among the different players to manufacture eco-responsible products.

To choose Ingredia's organic milk proteins and dairy powders is to guarantee a healthy product:

• Organic farming guarantees products without chemicals.

• The consumer preserves his health by committing to a healthier lifestyle.

it is certified:

• All our ingredients are certified by the label.

• Each farmer with certification is audited once per year without warning in order to verify the quality and the validity of its organic production.

The feeding of our cows is GMO free!

• In organic farming, the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is strictly prohibited in the cows’ diet.

• Farmers prefer food autonomy or local purchases.

• The cows of our cooperative are therefore fed on grass, supplemented with 100% organic feeds.

• This also helps to preserve the grassland landscape while producing high quality organic feed for our cows.

It is good for the planet!

• Organic agriculture protects the ground and limits erosion.

• The practice of organic agriculture permanently acts to preserve water and biodiversity.

The well-being of our cows!

• Prevention is our top priority. That is why by controlling the external environment (soil, housing...), the feed, we take care of our cows as we should.

• Cows are treated through homeopathy and/or aromatherapy.

For more visit Ingredia.com or click here to hear from one of our organic farmers


Source: Ingredia
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