WALKI joins the 4evergreen industry alliance

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Walki IDM Nov19

The aim of the alliance, bringing together industry actors from paper and board producers to packaging converters, brand-owners and retailers, technology and material suppliers, waste sorters and collectors, is to boost the contribution of fibre-based packaging for a more sustainable world.


The alliance will increase awareness about the benefits of fibre-based packaging materials, advocate for EU legislation supporting product design for recyclability and call for the development of optimised collection systems and appropriate recycling infrastructures.

Consumers’ interest in sustainable packaging together with regulation relating to packaging such as the Single Use Plastics Directive, have accelerated companies’ efforts to develop alternative packaging materials such as fibre-based options.


Walki is a leading supplier of sustainable packaging material. Earlier this year the versatile Zero Waste Future Platform was launched, offering a wide range of sustainable solutions helping customers make the right choices.


Says Annika Sundell, Walki's Executive Vice president, Innovations: “Collaboration across the value chain is necessary in order to make a substantial impact. We are committed and look forward to the co-creation within the 4evergreen alliance to further boost fibre-based packaging in the circular economy.” For more visit walki.com


Source: Walki
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