Voluntary labelling scheme

Date 10.19.2017 | Category: News
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The European Dairy Association supports the consumers’ right to be fully informed on the nutritional properties of foods which is one of the legal requirement of the Food Information to Consumers Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011. EDA believes that voluntary labelling schemes used in addition to the nutrition declaration required by the EU law can be a useful additional tool for consumers if they fulfil a number of important criteria: such a scheme should look at the food as a whole and support foods that are rich in essential nutrients.


Thus, it needs to include both nutrients to encourage and nutrients to limit in a diet, be in line with official dietary recommendations as well as be scientifically substantiated and stimulate a healthy dietary pattern. A good voluntary labelling scheme should be thoroughly evaluated, have a significant positive impact on consumer behaviour and public health, be compatible with EU legislation and be supported by relevant stakeholders.


Unfortunately, the latest traffic lights scheme proposal by six multi-national food companies grouped in the Evolved Nutrition Labelling Initiative (ENL) does not fulfil these requirements and thus is not an adequate system for milk and dairy products. For more visit euromilk.org


Source: EDA
Author: COX
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