Vitafoods Europe Conference; Prodiet for athlete’s nutrition

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The nutrition importance in high-performance sports has been widely recognised: because of their daily physical efforts, athletes need an important protein intake. PRODIET is a range of milk proteins with a high-nutritional profile adapted to the development of products for this specialised market.


Micellar casein PRODIET Fluid is optimal for the recovery and native whey PRODIET 90S is outstanding to give energy immediately before and during the sport challenge. Moreover, the range provides instant proteins which are ideal to prepare shakers, quickly solubilised.


During Vitafoods, learn more about this dedicated nutrition with ‘on-the-go’ concepts on our booth #H14 and attend our conference which takes place on Wednesday 8th at 10:30


« Speed Up » is a high-protein gel with the native whey PRODIET 90S. ‘Speed Up’ stands out with a well-balanced formula: 25% glucids and 25% protein. The soluble protein, from fresh milk, provides quickly energy and all the essential amino acids to trigger the muscle synthesis (rich in BCAA*: 2:1:1). This gel '2-in-1' has to be taken before and during the effort.


« Build Up » is a high-protein beverage 'ready-to-drink' with 20g of protein PRODIET Fluid. This protein is a micellar casein enabling to have a high fluidity. Thanks to the slow amino acids release, it is ideal for an optimal recovery after the effort. (*Branched Chain Amino Acids.) For more visit


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