Visit the CREATILICIOUS BAR on wheels for FIE 2017!

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Roquette FiE IDM Nov

Visitors are invited to try a menu of delicious new food concepts especially created by the company’s food application experts and to see first-hand how they address consumer needs and trends:


 Enhance SENSORY experiences “So Wow” chewing-gum: With its soft chewy texture, this sugar-free chewing-gum, made with SweetPearl® maltitol and LYCASIN® maltitol syrup, delivers both a burst of flavour and refreshing instant cooling.


 Make it CONVENIENT High protein pasta: A traditional pasta experience in vegan style! With its high-quality NUTRALYS® pea protein ingredient, this high-in-protein pasta helps you reduce the meat in your daily diet.


 Label it SIMPLE & CLEAR! A spicy tomato dip: Better snacking with this indulgent appetizer, and source of plant proteins - thanks to NUTRALYS® pea protein! The dip is also clean-label, gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


 Meet your SPECIFIC NEEDS A high-protein chocolate snack: With a soft texture for total pleasure, this indulgent muffin is made with NUTRALYS® pea protein and SweetPearl® maltitol to offer a high protein content, no added sugars and lowered glycaemic response.


Help achieve a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Plant-based drink with pea protein: Enjoy this plant-based beverage anytime – as a drink, with cereals or in a smoothie. A source of plant protein, with a great taste and texture, this non-dairy drink is naturally lactose-, dairy- and soy-free - thanks to NUTRALYS® pea protein. For more visit Roquette on Booth F43, Hall 8 or at


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