Vikan adds UST detail brush to popular ultra-safe technology range

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Vikan IDM Jan18

Intended primarily for use in the food & beverages industry, the UST Detail Brush is designed for cleaning dry debris from corners, crevices, narrow gaps and other hard-to-reach areas. It features optimised soft bristles, excellent ergonomics and all the advantages of Ultra Safe Technology.


In addition to its primary purpose as a detail cleaning brush, the UST Detail Brush is also perfect for use as a pastry or glazing brush. Benefits include:


• Comprehensive EU and FDA food contact compliance

• Reduced risk of bristle loss due to UST’s unique bristle retention system

• Improved food safety and quality thanks to UST’s superior hygienic design

• Available in eight* fully coloured options, so you can easily segregate different brushes for different uses, including allergen control


Says Debra Smith, Vikan Global Hygiene Specialist: “Areas like corners, crevices and gaps between equipment make excellent hiding places for dry debris, including allergens, and can be difficult to clean without just the right cleaning tool. With its soft bristles and UST advantages, the UST Detail Brush solves the problem and enables any facility that works with food and beverages achieve the greater hygienic certainty that only UST delivers. It also makes the perfect pastry or glazing brush and is, I believe, the first brush of its kind to deliver the combination of food contact approval, colour-coding, functionality and hygienic design that the food industry requires.” For more visit



Source: Vikan
Author: COX
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