Valio nutritional innovations offer award-winning solutions for global health trends

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Valio IDM May

Valio has over 110 years of experience, supplying some of the world’s biggest producers in 60 markets with a range of solutions from lactose free and baby food, to ingredients for the pet food and health supplements industry.


The company manufactures milk powders, demineralised whey powders and more advanced, tailored blends where customers can specify their requirements and opt to add ingredients such as milk, whey, fats or vitamins. Valio also offers specialist nutrition products and powders, as well as butter and fruit preparations for bakeries.


Said Merja Koski-Korhonen, Export Director, Ingredients and Global Customers, for Valio’s food ingredients solutions: “At Valio we are constantly looking for partners who see the value in high-quality products. Valio has decades of experience in serving the needs of the food industry and creating value for partners around the world. At Anuga, our unique lactose free offering and baby food solutions will be on show to demonstrate how Valio can meet the needs of the global food manufacturing industry, tailored to meet the specific requirements of every different market.”


First for innovation and Research and Development

Every year, Valio launches new products produced from unique recipes, including liquid ready-to-feed infant formulas and high quality milk, lactose free and whey powders, produced from the purest milk in the world.

Its bespoke service draws on Valio’s award-winning innovation, research and development, testing and insights recognised in a Nobel Prize and 351 patents in 50 countries.


Valio is the world leader in lactose free solutions for the food industry. With more awareness about lactose intolerance and an increase in problems associated with digestion, the popularity of lactose free products is growing. Market size growth is forecast at +60% from 2015 to 2020.


All Valio food ingredients are produced from fresh pure Finnish milk sourced from Valio’s own dairy farmers. This ensures full traceability, from cow and farm to end product. Valio’s milk is Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) –free*. Its milk and whey powders originate from the healthiest cows in Europe, from the greenest country in the world**, with the lowest cell and bacteria counts and no contaminant residues in the milk.


Valio’s expertise helps manufacturers develop new products, categories, range extensions, and markets. Its process and application know-how provides solutions and specialist experience for some of the world’s leading food producers.


In cooperation with its partners and award-winning research and development team, Valio quickly responds to changes in consumer behaviour. Using data and insights, it predicts trends and creates products that meet customer demands, that are appealing and on trend.


Visit Valio at Anuga from 7 - 11 October, Cologne, Germany, Hall 10.1, stand E009, or go to:


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