US plant-based drinks up 30% in 4 years

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Zenith Global IDM Sept18

Said Zenith Global Consultant Jose Saiz: “The main drivers behind plant-based drinks’ popularity reflect consumer concerns and perceptions about lactose intolerance, digestive benefits, health attributes, animal welfare and environmental impact.”


Zenith Global’s report segments the market between mature, broadening and emerging products, assessing how each has evolved and developed. “Plant-based drinks closely match increasing consumer interest in healthier eating and sustainability, with several segments breaking into mainstream market appeal,” Saiz added.

Zenith Global predicts continued steady growth over the next 5 years, with further opportunities to innovate in plant types and to diversify in product ranges.


“What begins in the United States often leads to parallels in other countries and we fully expect these opportunities to expand in many other countries of the world,” concluded Saiz.


The US Plant-based Drinks Opportunities Report 2019 contains market analysis from 2013 to 2018 with forecasts to 2023 and brand profiles tracking the latest innovations. For more visit A free white paper is also available.


Source: Zenith
Author: COX
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