Trading picks up

Date 02.07.2020 | Category: News
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This week DAO.EU experienced a lot of trading activity on its marketplace. Over 1, 700 Mt of Goudaand Edam cheese were traded at prices between €3,000-€3,150 (FCA NL/DE). Also the first Mozzarella business was conducted via DAO.EU.

Two weeks ago there were the first serious trades in SMP Food (2,000Mt traded at €2,650 for delivery April-Dec 2020).

Currently DAO.EU has 78 paying members and latest participants are Uelzena, Euroserum, Müller UK, Liprovit, Delina and Luxlait.

From Q2 onwards the marketplace will start publishing an index for Gouda/Edam/Lactic Butter/SMP/SWP feed, based upon bids/offers and market trades conducted on DAO.EU

Source: DAO.EU
Author: Sossna
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