Theoretical insights for practical improvement?

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Nizo theo IDM Nov19

Improve your understanding of evaporation and membrane concentration technology and/or spray drying

• Gain new insights into strategies to optimise your unit operations

• Get updated on the latest scientific and technological developments for product-process optimisation


The food processing industry is a challenging environment. More complex formulations, longer run times, avoiding CAPEX and optimising OPEX on the one hand lead to pressure on operations management and staff. On the other hand, targets are set on sustainability, food quality and safety in a setting where digitalisation is breaking through and availability of qualified staff can’t be taken for granted. It’s time to get yourself updated on the latest development and insights that lead you to strategies and actions for improvement.


The courses are intended for anybody involved in concentration and/or spray drying, including process and product developers, technologists and plant operational staff. Speakers from NIZO, academia and industry will guide you through the topics from scientific understanding to its practical implications. For more visit


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