The Swedish Rheumatism Association approves all Ecolean packages

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Ecolean SRA IDM May18

The Swedish Rheumatism Association test is a scientifically developed method. By obtaining the SRA’s approval and quality mark, Ecolean’s lightweight packages are certified as easy-to-open and easy-to-use by people with reduced hand function. Ecolean’s packages are already praised by consumers worldwide for their convenience in everyday situations and the approval from SRA now confirms the package’s ease of use.


Says Jens Olofsson, Customer Marketing Manager, Ecolean: “The Swedish Rheumatism Association uses a highly-proven method where all aspects of handling a package are evaluated. People with reduced hand function have tested Ecolean’s lightweight packages based on a variety of parameters including opening, holding, pouring, closing – and all our packages passed this challenging and prestigious test”,


The approval from the Swedish Rheumatism Association is an important milestone for Ecolean’s long-term ambition to provide safe and convenient packages with minimal environmental impact to consumers worldwide.


Said Lotta Håkansson, President, Swedish Rheumatism Association: “The idea is that products that are functional and easy-to-use for people with reduced hand function, are suitable for everyone. I sincerely hope that more packaging companies will follow Ecolean’s lead and focus on developing easy-to-use packages.”


“The fact that the global population is ageing makes it even more important for the packaging industry to develop packaging solutions that are convenient for everyone, no matter one’s physical variations or age”, says Jens Olofsson, Customer Marketing Manager, Ecolean. For more visit


Source: Ecolean
Author: COX
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