The International Dairy Federation celebrates World School Milk Day 2017

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Today is World School Milk Day. The International Dairy Federation (IDF) is celebrating this day to foster a better understanding of dairy products and how they fit into the overall diet.


Good nutrition is important for people of all ages. During childhood, good nutrition promotes normal growth and development. In the longer term, it is believed that establishing healthy eating habits in childhood can help to reduce the development of chronic diseases. Promoting a healthy diet to children can help them form healthy habits that extend into later life.

To celebrate the day, IDF has gathered a variety of worldwide initiatives that its members have put in place. All these initiatives are available on the IDF Website.


Said Dr Nico van Belzen, IDF Director General: “The programmes implemented around that day can play an important role for school children around the globe. It’s very important to know where dairy products come from, how they are made, their nutritional composition and how they fit into a healthy diet in order to make a positive contribution to the nutrition status of children, to address issues of malnutrition and to engender healthy nutrition habits.


Milk is a nutrient-rich product and offers far more than other beverages. School-based programmes need to optimise the opportunity to encourage milk drinking and influence good choices for adulthood” concludes the previous IDF Bulletin* providing the results of a survey carried out by FAO and IDF in 2015. For more visit


*Bulletin of IDF n°479/2015:The Contribution of School Milk Programmes to the Nutrition of Children - available free of charge


Source: IDF
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