The Global Market for Baby Food

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A new report on baby food excluding IMF from 3A Business Consulting, named The Global Market for Baby Food (excluding IMF) and Dairy Proteins 2019-2024, shows that the global market will continue its value and volume growth. The global baby food excluding IMF market is estimated to USD 17.3 Bn. in 2018 and expected to amount around USD 25.6 Bn. in 2024corresponding to an impressive CAGR of 7%. Prepared baby food represents the biggest value category followed by dried baby food and “other” baby food.

Asia Pacific amounts to 29% of the global market value followed by Eastern Europe and Western Europe. In terms of country value, Russia is the biggest market for baby food followed by China and the US.


Some key trends are:

- The market for baby food is fueled by growth from innovative packaging, on-the-go products, and healthy- and convenient products. Additionally, product range is increasing within economy brands attracting the lower- and medium income consumers

- Prepared baby food remains the major baby food sales category accounting for around 49% of global sales value and is expected to continue growing towards 2024

-Consumers have a greater focus on overall health and more consumers are looking for clean label products, meaning they are increasingly selective in their product choices

- Online retailing is the fastest growing distribution channel in baby food, as it offers extensive availability to product information, ingredients, prices etc. as well as being a convenient way of shopping, due to many consumers having easy and constant access to the internet through capable smartphones and tablets.


The dairy proteins used in baby food are mainly skim milk powder, whole milk powder, demineralized whey powder, whey protein concentrate/whey protein isolate, milk protein concentrate/milk protein isolate, and to a lesser extent caseinates/casein. Additionally, the report covers the use of galactooligosaccharides in baby food The report provides an overview of the current and expected future global market for dairy proteins. It is global in scope, including a comprehensive regional and country analysis of the EU, North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific markets.


The headlines are:

- Market size globally, regionally and for key markets

- Trends and product category developments for prepared baby food, dried baby food and “other baby food” (including teething biscuits, baby rusks, baby fruit juices and baby snacks)

- Value, volume and CAGR 2014-2018 and forecast 2019-2024

- Dairy proteins volumes used in baby food (SMP, WMP, DWP, WPC/WPI, MPC/MPI, casein/caseinates, GOS etc.)

- Key players and market shares in most important markets

- Product launches with key dairy protein ingredients 2014-2018

- Consumer and product trends


3A Business Consulting

Global Market for Baby Food (excluding IMF) and Dairy Proteins 2019-2024 - The World Market for Milk Ingredients 2016-2020

The report can be purchased for EUR 3,600

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