The Best Combination in Flexo Printing

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Flint IDM Nov

The rotec Atlas Eco Bridge is a high-modulus carbon adapter. The carbon fibre construction has low-vibration and vibration-damping properties that significantly improves the print quality, especially at higher print speeds. In cooperation with Flint Group's Technical Service, a rotec Atlas Eco Bridge adapter was custom-made for Elopak. The special feature lies in the unique air supply system which instead of air holes has a breathable metal ring that evenly builds up an immediate air pillow around the entire circumference of the adapter, allowing much easier sleeve mounting. The airflow can be reduced by up to 90% and the noise level can be reduced to room volume.


Elopak’s press operators reported enthusiastically: “Until now, two employees had to change the air cylinder at 45 Kg. With the rotec Atlas Eco Bridge (16.5 kg), this can be done by one person only, while the other already sets up the machine. We can work much easier and faster now." Another step in the process optimization was the plate mounting. Elopak’ s biggest challenge is to accurately match the customer's desired print result with a simulation.


When using traditional sleeves, employees must accurately attach the plates to the sleeves using a compressible adhesive tape. Mounting errors such as air pockets or a displaced motive cannot always be avoided. The rotec Compressible Sleeve is the best solution for this. Elopak has been using this compressible sleeve for over 20 years, which was specially developed for thin plates and is available in three different harnesses (50, 60, 70 Shore A). The compressible surface ensures optimum printing results with combined half-tone and solid areas in one printing unit. The rotec Compressible Sleeve offers standardized quality and excellent tape adhesion that prevents "slippage" in the nip. For more visit


Source: Flint Group
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