System pressures of up to 80 bar

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Representing a specific evolution of Fristam FP centrifugal pumps, the FPH range combines all the construction benefits of the standard range, including open impellers and flow-optimised pumping channel, with the suitability for use under high system pressure and with high volumetric flows. What is more, FPH pumps transport media with a viscosity of up to 800 mPa s. Fristam engineers have succeeded in adapting the outstanding pumping properties, ease of maintenance, durability and efficiency of the standard pumps to meet the high requirements demanded in filtration technology.


High-pressure pumps are designed for the efficient operation of filtration systems, with multi-stage centrifugal pumps used as booster or feed pumps, and high-performance single-stage centrifugal pumps also used as circulation pumps under inlet pressure between and within the individual circuits. Fristam offers both types of pump across a wide output range.


Multi-tested technology for challenging conditions

In terms of its construction, the FPH range is based on the FP centrifugal pump, which has proved itself thousands of times over and has a high-quality solid stainless steel construction. Using the finite element method, Fristam engineers succeeded in precisely analysing the components of the pump subject to specific exposure, so that the housing, lantern or clamping disc, bolts and screws, could be specifically reinforced and the seals adapted to meet the specific challenges of high system pressures. Depending on the fluid used, the pumps feature a single or double-acting – also flushed – mechanical seal with the material combination adapted to the respective application. The sealing materials are all FDA-compliant. All pumps lend themselves perfectly to being cleaned in CIP systems and feature modern energy-efficient IE3 motors as standard. The different sizes are suitable for system pressures of between 30 and 80 bar and thus cover the entire range of hygienic high-pressure filtration applications.


Source: Fristam
Author: Sossna
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