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Nearly 3,500 cheeses from more than 40 countries were put to the test at this year’s World Cheese Awards in Bergamo. Emmi submitted selected Swiss cheeses to the jury along with some cheese specialities from the United States. They received 26 awards in total. In addition to six gold, nine silver and six bronze medals, Emmi also won three of the coveted "Super Gold" awards.


Emmi is the largest cheese trader in Switzerland. The range includes cheese that the company produces itself at various production facilities as well as cheese that it purchases (annually over 30,000 tonnes). This cheese normally comes from commercial cheese dairies and is then matured, refined and packaged by Emmi.


Emmi markets its cheeses all over the world. Participating in global competitions – for example, in the annual World Cheese Awards – is one of the measures being taken to raise the profile of its cheeses among foreign retailers and consumers. In recent years, the US subsidiaries of Emmi have also joined the running.


Emmi's cheese specialities (cheese from its own dairies or cheese matured by Emmi) won a total of 26 awards at the 2019 edition of the cheese industry's largest international competition. A highlight of the competition was winning the three Super Gold awards for Der Scharfe Maxx from Käserei Studer (Hatswil, canton of Thurgau), , the Roth Grand Cru Surchoix from Emmi Roth USA and Le Gruyère AOP, which is produced by the multi-award-winning Villaz-St-Pierre dairy and matured at Fromco in Moudon.


The World Cheese Awards have been held annually since 1988 and have been the largest international competition of this type since 2005. For more visit


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