Reliable companions on the tank truck

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Milk collection vehicles stop at up to 100 stations a day. For the drivers, this means that they have to remove the milk collection hose from the vehicle a hundred times and stow it back a hundred times within an extremely confined space and in all weather conditions. Hoses that are as lightweight as possible and easy to handle are therefore required. That’s why many dairies, as well as tank truck makers and operators, equip their milk collection vehicles with milk collection hoses from Continental. Two hoses that suit the task perfectly are available – the Collector and the Collector Flex. If you value high suction power, the Collector is the optimum hose: the integrated steel wire helix enables you to obtain an operating pressure of six bar, if necessary. The CollectorFlex is characterized by its particularly low weight. Its integrated plastic helix makes this milk collection hose particularly flexible, lending it excellent handling characteristics – even in cold conditions.


The hose cover of the brand-name hoses is resistant to abrasion, UV radiation and ozone. The white non-porous inner lining is resistant to raw milk, completely odorless and has no effect on the taste of the milk. The hoses can be cleaned using the CIP process and are compatible with all common cleaning and disinfectant agents.

Source: Continental
Author: Sossna
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