Real-time digital audit, the real revolution

Date 03.17.2020 | Category: News
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Prosperite IDM Mar20

Convinced that the future of the agri-food industry is focused on total transparency from the field to the shelf, Ingredia dairy cooperative goes further in its CSR commitments by tracing and auditing in real time its eco-responsible UHT milk by blockchain, a world first in the dairy sector!


Thanks to the digital audit, it is now possible to trace the different stages of the process: each criterion of the specifications is verified. When written in the blockchain, these data are thus made immutable; it is impossible to modify the information.


With a dynamic QR code on the packaging, the consumer has access to all traceability and audit information in real time of his milk. The consumer has access to a promise that is kept and verified in real time, in full transparency!

Defending brand's values and making its promises verifiable by everyone is possible by mobilising all the actors in the chain. For more visit


Source: Prosperite
Author: COX
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