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CSK IDM June19

Dutch dairy culture manufacturer CSK is expanding its portfolio of yogurt cultures with the addition of an extensive range of new cultures designed for stirred, set, concentrated and drinking yogurt applications. The new cultures give the possibilities to develop excellent yogurts with characteristic taste and are available under the CeskaStar brand.


Says CSK’s Marketing Manager Christian Hemmer: “For dairy manufacturers, catering to scattered consumer preferences can be challenging. Consumers today want authentic products that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, while also seeking indulgence experiences. In yogurts, there has been a trend towards milder flavours, without losing yogurt aroma. With our expanded CeskaStar yogurt culture portfolio, we offer manufacturers what they need to tap into these trends and demands. The robust cultures fit in our customers’ production processes."


The new cultures include selected strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis enabling manufacturers to deliver exciting new yogurt applications. From a tasty breakfast yogurt with fruits to refreshing yogurt drinks taken as a healthy high-protein snack.


The new yogurt culture range is the result of many years of extensive screening. Comments CSK’s Research Director, Dr. Wilco Meijer: “The investment in CSK’s new innovation and application center in Wageningen is paying off and gave us the opportunity to innovate in the yogurt segment. With the development of these high quality cultures we offer dairy manufacturers solutions that ensure process quality and consistency as well as a broadening range of new dairy experiences for consumers.” For more visit


Source: CSK
Author: COX
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