Project ‘ElkeMelk’ starts with clever novelties

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TOP bv IDM Sept19

Milk from one cow individually packaged. That is the vision with which project ‘ElkeMelk’ responds to the growing interest in local products from known origins. TOP BV from Wageningen has developed a completely new processing line to make this ultimate traceable milk a reality.


The concept of ElkeMelk was created because the milk of each individual cow has a unique taste. Processing the milk separately per cow gives the milk a more natural perception than the standardised, homogenised and fractionated milk from standard factory processes.


In order to make ElkeMelk technically viable, dairy farmer and initiator Matthijs Baan turned to TOP BV for assistance. TOP BV was happy to take on the challenge and has since developed a completely new process from scratch for this milk pasteurisation concept. The process line consists of a pasteuriser in combination with a filler and an intelligent software system. Together with the dairy farmer, a seamless connection to the milking robots was established. Also, the system was kept small enough to work well within the limited space that was available at the food grade area on the farm.


The pasteuriser was designed to function well as a stand-alone unit and is very suitable for small food producers who are looking for a professional industrial machine for the pasteurization of various liquid foods such as fruit juices, smoothies, etc. The filler was designed to work in line with the pasteuriser. Because the bottles are automatically imported and exported only one person is needed to operate the complete processing line. For more visit


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