Potent Affron saffron hits Asia-Pacific market

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Pharmactive IDM Sept19

The company’s formulation boasts the lowest dosage threshold on the market — just 28mg per day — with proven pharmacokinetic bioavailability and rapid one-hour absorption.


Pharmactive will launch Affron at Vitafoods Asia 2019 in Singapore, Booth #I32, on 25-26 September 2019, where the Affron format for eye health, Affron EYE, is one the finalists for the Nutraingredients Awards Asia in the field of Healthy Ageing.


Affron is standardised to Lepticrosalides, a complex of bioactive compounds responsible for the beneficial and organoleptic attributes of Affron. The capabilities of this clean-label, synthetic-free, pure plant saffron extract is backed by five clinical studies. These compounds have been clinically shown to improve mood and alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms, as well as induce relaxation and improve sleep quality. Affron also is the first saffron extract clinically studied on adolescents.


Pharmactive grows and cultivates the saffron in its fields within the terrain of Castilla-La-Mancha in Spain. The arid plains and dry, warm Mediterranean climate of the region present ideal conditions for the cultivation of saffron.


Said Julia Diaz, Marketing Manager of Pharmactive: “Crocus sativus L. species has been cultivated and consumed for centuries in Spain and its culinary and beneficial values have been long appreciated.”


The golden threads of the saffron plant are worth nearly their weight in gold, due in part to their labor-intensive harvesting method. During the short eight weeks in autumn when they bloom, the flowers must be carefully hand picked, one at a time, and within the few hours between dawn and mid-day to avoid wilting of the delicate stigmas that form the saffron threads.


Added Alberto Espinel, Head of R&D of Pharmactive: “As a high-value botanical, saffron is extremely susceptible to counterfeiting. The company’s saffron is home grown and manufactured in their extraction plant in Madrid. The optimised extraction process employed ensures the highest concentration of saffron’s active lepticrosalides.”


Affron is water-soluble and readily applicable to food formats or supplements. It is kosher and halal certified, non-GMO, non-irradiated, and has a three-year shelf-life. For more visit Vitafoods Asia 2019, Singapore, Booth #I32 or pharmactive.eu/en/affron-2-2/



Source: Pharmactive
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