"Outstanding" milk protein for high protein beverages wins 2 awards

Date 06.14.2017 | Category: News
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Ingredia Prodiet IDM June

INGREDIA is very proud to announce that last Wednesday, June 7th, their PRODIET® Fluid protein received 2 awards at World Dairy Innovation Awards organised by FoodBev, in the Best Dairy ingredient and Best dairy manufacturing or processing innovation categories.


PRODIET® Fluid is a unique and innovative native micellar casein, allowing a very good fluidity and a nice milky taste in very high protein drinks. Micellar casein has a slow amino acid release with a good muscle recovery.


PRODIET® Fluid is rich in micellar calcium and in BCAA* and more specifically in leucine. Especially developed for nutrition markets, it is a perfect combination of nutritional and functional benefits as well as healthy indulgence.


Any question on PRODIET® Fluid? Don’t hesitate to contact us at: ingredia-functional.fr


Source: Ingredia Functional
Author: COX
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