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Omya IDM Nov19

At Food Matters Live, Omya focused on its Calcipur range of high purity mineral particles, with optimal processing and nutritional benefits. The showcased concepts demonstrated how the mineral particles positively influence the texture and colour of bakery products, cereals, extruded snacks, convenience food and beverages in a cost-effective way, and without affecting their sensory profile. Furthermore, Calcipur as a highly concentrated source of calcium supports bone health and the function of muscles and nerves.


Foods and drinks enriched with calcium can be found in every sector, from infant nutrition to applications targeting women and those remaining active in later life. Demand comes, in particular, from health-conscious consumers who are looking to support their overall wellbeing, and avoid problems associated with calcium deficiency. Omya Calcipur contains approximately 40% calcium and is therefore ideally suited to boost calcium content in multiple applications.


This means it is possible to use up to five times less of this ingredient than other available technical solutions, while achieving the same calcium dose in a finished foodstuff, and without affecting the sensory profile of the end product. Moreover, as the ingredient intensifies the taste perception of salty or sweet, it can also be used to reduce the salt and sugar content in a formulation to allow for a better nutritional profile. Another additional benefit is a decrease in harmful acrylamide formation: When starchy ingredients are fried or baked at high temperatures, the cancer-promoting by-product acrylamide can develop. Calcium carbonate reduces this chemical process and can help manufacturers to meet strict EU regulations, with no negative impact on taste or volume.


Said Stefan Lander, Vice President Consumer Goods, Group Sales & Marketing at Omya: “Our calcium carbonate is a real all-rounder, helping to create state-of-the-art finished products while satisfying current consumer demands. Moreover, our calcium carbonates are both natural and sustainably sourced, thus ensuring the future success of these ingredients.”


Highlighting the company’s holistic approach to the food market, R&D experts presented a broad range of specialty ingredients from the global Omya distribution portfolio. Selected additives, such as natural food colours, stevia and textured soy protein components, enable synergistic combinations that meet current demands of producers and health-conscious consumers alike. For more visit omya.com


Source: Omya
Author: COX
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