New whey protein goes soft on tough snack bars

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Arla whey IDM June

According to research, 45% of US consumers purchased a high-protein bar in the past month. However, due to textural deterioration during shelf life – a common issue with high-protein snack bars – it’s likely that many of the bars had lost their soft and chewy texture by the time they were eaten.


To address this challenge Arla Foods Ingredients has developed Nutrilac® PB-8420, a whey protein that ensures protein bars retain an indulgent cohesive (chewy) texture for 12 months or more in ambient storage conditions. Furthermore, the ingredient is all-natural and derived from cows’ milk – helping to keep the recipe simple and ensure consumer demand for clean and clear labels is met.


To showcase the new protein solution, Arla Foods Ingredients has created a 28%-protein apple & coconut protein bar concept that is the perfect blueprint for sports nutrition applications. The bar will be unveiled on Arla Foods Ingredients’ booth (#4447) at IFT17 Food Expo in Las Vegas (26-28 June 2017).


For more visit Arla Foods Ingredients at booth #4447 or at

Source: Arla Food Ingredients
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