New turbidity sensors from METTLER TOLEDO offer improved performance and easier handling

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Mettler Toledo IDM Jan19

METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics announces the launch of the InPro 8600i turbidity and color sensors for brewery and dairy applications.


The new series is available in two models: InPro 8610i (turbidity only) for beer brew house and dairy processes, and InPro 8630i (turbidity and color) for beer filtration, blending and filling.


Features include:

• Very wide measuring range, suitable for beer and dairy turbidity applications

• Advanced diagnostics that constantly monitor sensor condition and warn of any impending issues, including window fouling

• Tolerance of high process and cleaning temperatures without the need for air cooling

• Direct installation to sight glass or Tuchenhagen Varinline housing

• Fast set-up without transmitter configuration


In dairies, InPro 8610i monitors whey clarification, condensate of whey water, and heat exchangers.

InPro 8630i is intended for brewery cold block applications, including monitoring of beer brightness and beer color after blending.


Says Eric Chan, Product Manager at METTLER TOLEDO: “We really pushed ourselves with these sensors. High performance, very low maintenance, tolerance of production environments – it’s all there.” For more visit


Source: Mettler Toledo
Author: COX
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