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Toray IDM Mar19

Said Yi, 35: “I am excited to be in the Czech Republic. Although I am Korean, I moved to Tokyo after high school to finish my education, and then joined Toray.”


From his experience in the Asia Pacific region and his early strategy meetings in the Czech Republic, Mr. Yi believes that the labels and packaging market is a perfect market segment to pursue with waterless printing technology. “This is a market that is growing,” Yi says, “and they demand very high quality and consistency. This is something that waterless offset technology delivers better than conventional offset since there is less dot gain, so the print resolution actually looks higher than it is.”


Mr. Yi also points out that in labels and packaging, as compared to general commercial print and newspapers, the cost of substrates is quite high. “They are often using metallized paper and plastics,” he says, “and with waterless offset, there is much less make ready waste. That cost savings adds up quickly with these more expensive substrates. Plus, with waterless printing, you have more consistency not only through the duration of the run, but from run to run. This is incredibly important in labels and packaging, since these jobs are re-run very frequently and must match each other to maintain brand integrity.”


One area he would like to see better developed in Europe is more concern about environmental sustainability in Europe. “Quality and productivity are the two key selling points for waterless offset,” he says. “Environmental sustainability is an additional benefit. As we move into the future, I hope we can see more emphasis put on the value of helping to reduce the environmental impact of print.” For more information please visit


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