New Proseal system defines effective sealing and peeling

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Proseal IDM Mar19

The new ProTest solution allows users to create the best seal each time, combining effective protection of the contents with the right level of ‘peelability’ that ensures maximum consumer convenience.


The compact and easy-to-use ProTest unit is an automated lid-peeling device that measures and reports the resistance offered by the film as it separates from the tray during the moment of lid peeling. This provides the user with the relevant data to determine if the seal strength is the most user-friendly while remaining suitable for the product’s life-cycle. ProTest is capable of retaining, displaying and outputting test data, allowing the user to export the information. Up to five test results can be compared at any one time. The unit is flexible enough to handle the vast majority of trays currently used in the market with diagonal diameters from 25mm up to 380mm in any shape. The ProTest unit requires only 1200mm x 400mm of bench space and a 3 pin 230v power supply. It therefore offers a highly cost-effective means of providing in-house seal integrity analysis without the need for costly, off-site third-party testing.


Said Jessie Malone, Proseal’s Test Facility Manager: “Existing test equipment is capable of assessing the burst strength of a seal and how much pressure or weight it may support, but up until now there has been no test that actually measures the ‘peelability’ of a tray, finally the industry now has something that it can lean on to take the ‘person to person’ judgement away from this vital aspect of heat sealing. Understanding the peel strength both before and during the production process can be a priceless tool in solving any seal issues and will help to ensure consumers enjoy both high quality products and the satisfaction of easy opening.”


The new ProTest system has evolved from Proseal’s pioneering heat sealing developments as major food producers and retailers alike look for Proseal to lead the way in seal quality testing solutions. For more visit


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