New IDF guidance on animal welfare to be published in 2018

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The International Dairy Federation (IDF) guide on animal welfare will be published next year and will promote common standards set by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)/ International Standard (ISO) when establishing local standards.


Luc Mirabito, the leader of the IDF team producing the guidance, said: “Consumer interest in animal welfare is growing and is having a tremendous influence on the market for animals and animal products. Dairy producers are increasingly taking animal welfare into account and have come to see it as a characteristic of the quality of their products. With guidance for welfare of dairy cattle in production systems harmonised with the international standards of the OIE, we at the IDF will be a forefront of making recommendations for the dairy sector when we produce our new guide on animal welfare next year. This work will also highlight the progress being made on this issue around the world.”


The IDF’s newly published Animal Health Report details progress made in North and South America on animal welfare. Version 3.0 of the National Dairy FARM program in the United States earlier this year and features additional on-farm accountability. Since January more than 4500 version 3.0 evaluations have been completed.


Jamie Jonker, of the National Milk Producers Federation, USA, said: “The FARM program was built on continuous improvement and we continue to work with the entire dairy supply chain to raise the bar for dairy animal welfare.”


New guidance, training courses and protocols on animal welfare have also been introduced to the Chilean dairy sector by the Animal Welfare Committee of the Chilean Dairy Consortium. For more visit



Source: IDF
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