New EconPLUS perforated filter range designed with simplicity and security in mind

Date 03.12.2019 | Category: News
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Axium IDM Mar19

Designed with simplicity and security in mind, the EconPLUS filter range, has been manufactured as a two piece construction internally, has no loose parts and has a mechanical sealing area eliminating the need for a polymer seal with the inherent possibility of failure and replacement. The filters which are suitable for both CIP (clean-in-place) and SIP (steam-in-place) duties are simple and easy to maintain requiring no tools for element extraction.


EconPLUS perforated filter screens are fully interchangeable and are available from 2000 micron up to 8000 micron. Manufactured with a 4”, 316L stainless steel housing to ensure maximum screen surface area and designed for filter flows either out-to-in or in-to out, this versatile and dependable protection filter is providing a cost-effective solution for many process applications. For more visit


Source: Axium
Author: COX
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