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On June 24, NIZO’s Marjon Wells – Bennik will present on 'Spores in Milk Powders – practical solutions for improved detection and important insights for predictability of spoilage of reconstructed products'. This will take place during the American Dairy Science Association Annual Meeting held between June 23 and 26 in Cincinnati.


The presentation will be based on a recently discovered process to detect and control spores development in dairy. As NIZO’s expertise in Dairy is highly regarded we have been asked to hold a presentation on the American Dairy Association Annual Meeting held between June 23 and 26 in Cincinnati. On Monday morning June 24 the topic will be 'Dairy Foods: Advances in Spore Control throughout the US Dairy Value Chain', Spore-forming bacteria and their spores play an important role in the quality of a variety of dairy products, from fluid milk to dairy powders. They are highly resistant to heat, desiccation, and disinfectants. Therefore, minimising spore-forming bacteria and their spores is very important for the US dairy industry so that we can produce safe, high-quality dairy products and ingredients and be competitive both locally and globally.


The presentation is based on the research performed by NIZO, in close collaboration with Abbott, bioMérieux, FrieslandCampina, Nestlé and U.S. Dairy Export Council, have identified a practical and reliable microbial method to enumerate heat-resistant bacterial spores in milk powders. Presence and survival of such spores in dairy powders can cause spoilage of UHT-treated reconstituted liquid products. The study provides tools to standardise tests and enables improved interpretation of spore count test results, in relation to spoilage risks in UHT dairy products. The continued use of multiple enumeration methods, and subsequent differences in results and interpretations poses challenges in global trade.


Said Robyn Eijlander, senior project manager Microbiomics and Food Safety at NIZO: “This study presents practical tools for the detection and enumeration of highly heat-resistant spores. This allows for harmonisation of the interpretation of spore concentrations in dried milk within the entire dairy industry, which helps to avoid disputes between producers and customers. Furthermore, the results improve our insights into the prediction of spoilage of reconstituted UHT-treated liquid dairy products”. For more visit


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