NIZO Plant Protein Functionality Conference

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mi Nizo

The first edition of the NIZO Plant Protein Functionality Conference will take place on October 20-23, 2020 in cooperation with Elsevier. This Conference aims to combine the most recent scientific developments in plant protein functionality in a world that transitions to plant based foods.
The conference, first in its kind, focuses on bringing together experts form academia, research & development and the food industry in the fields of plan protein functionallity, (bio)chemistry, processing, physics, product formulation, sensory health and nutritional sciences.
The Conference will provide a unique opportunity for experts to interact, share the latest research findings and apply their knowledge to the design and manufacture of plant protein based foods and ingredients. It embraces all sources of plant proteins, such as soy, pea, faba bean lupin, canola, rice, sunflower, oat, mung bean, chickpea, flaxseed, wheat, corn, leaf proteins, potato, quinoa, nuts and duckweed.

The format of the conference is based upon the successful bi-annual NIZO Dairy Conference, also developed in cooperation with Elsevier. 

The focus of this scientific conference will be on the following aspects of plant protein functionality:

  • Plant protein ingredient manufacture
  • Process-product interactions affecting plant protein functionality
  • Fermentation to influence taste and texture
  • Protein structure, stability and interactions within food products
  • Influence of plant protein ingredients in food product structure and stability
  • Nutrition and digestion of plant proteins
  • Sustainability along the chain of plant protein ingredients and applications in foods.

Source: NIZO
Author: Sossna
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