Lidl and Danone in clash

Date 03.10.2020 | Category: News
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Lidl France have taken eight productlines made by Danone out of their offer. Activia, Danette (desserts) and another six Danone brands will no more be sold after 15 May. Lidl asked Danone how much milk is contained in the products but say they didn’t get a clear answer. The retail chain bases its information demand on the French Egalim regulaton that requires to take costs for milk production into the price calculations. Egalim has been a legal regulation in France since 2018.

The de-listing of Danone brands is hitting some 30m kg of milk. Lidl said they would buy that milk from farms that used to supply Danone. The milk will be processed into products under Lidl’s Envia brand – that was acquired some 10 years ago from Danone.

Source: LZ
Author: Sossna
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