Lactium a natural milk bioactive for sleep management

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Ingredia Lactium IDM May19

9 clinical studies carried out between 1999 and 2018 on more than 500 healthy volunteers have proven the efficacy of Lactium to decrease and modulate stress and its related symptoms. Lactium has the same mechanism of action as an anxiolytic without any toxicity or side effects.


Taste ‘Relax fruit beverage’ with Lactium to cope with stress:


‘Relax fruit beverage’ is a 60 ml shot with 300 mg of Lactium. This drink with pineapple juice and passion fruit flavoured is recommended for those who have difficulties managing or overcoming their stress. It can be consumed once or twice a day by people:

• Facing occasional stressful events (a competition, job interview, medical examination, public performance,

• Going through a difficult and stressful period: bereavement, job loss, divorce, etc.,

• Experiencing symptoms linked to chronic professional or family related stress: sleep disorders, memory and libido disorders, mood swings, overeating, ...


Lactium may be used by each and every member of a family including children and pregnant women. For more visit Ingredia at Vitafoods stand #H14 or at the Life Stage Theatre at 15:40 on Wednesday 8Th May and at


Source: Ingredia
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