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Ingredia IFT IDM June

INGREDIA, a leading producer of dairy ingredients, continues to innovate to meet these market demands.

The high protein fermented beverage innovation has a simple formula of four ingredients: skim milk, sugar, PROMILK® 600A and flavour. At the show, we will be showcasing coffee and mixed berry flavours. In an 8oz. serving, INGREDIA achieves 23g of protein with only 0.7g of fat. The fluid texture and creamy mouthfeel is achieved by INGREDIA’s highly functional PROMILK® 600A.


The high protein Oatmeal innovation offers the ideal combination of whole grains and high protein that meets the demand of the food and nutrition markets. Different from current products on the market, INGREDIA’s innovation contains PRODIETTM 85B Instant, a real micellar casein which will keep consumers fuller longer. By having 10g per 62g serving of micellar casein as the protein source, the formulation maximizes health benefits with micellar casein’s seven hour, slow digesting period and extended amino acid release.


The PRODIETTM Lactoferrin chewing gum promotes good oral health and limits dental plaque growth. Lactoferrin, a naturally occurring glycoprotein helps the body fight against infections. Our PRODIETTM Lactoferrin comes directly from the milk and is non-denatured. In its non-denatured form, it can inhibit the growth of bacteria responsible for plaque formation. Each piece of chewing gum contains 100mg of PRODIETTM Lactoferrin and it is recommended to chew two pieces daily. For more


Source: Ingredia America
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