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Date 03.29.2019 | Category: News
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Last year at the Cibus show in Parma, Mandara, a premium mozzarella producer in Italy, launched a new cardboard container developed by Italpack Cartons. The EvoCup made of FSC fibers reduces the polyethylene content (PE) by 80% relative to standard plastic cups and is 100% recyclable. The cup is filled in standard filling machines and provides an extended shelf-life. At the end of its life it goes at worse in the trash bin but in countries with separate waste collection like Germany, will end-up in the “yelow” basket. With the added advantage of the finest quality offset printing, the EvoCup is spreading in the category and new producers have already adopted it.

The EvoCup was developed to run on existing automatic filling machines providing an opportunity to eliminate plastic with no capital investment required. As the name indicates the plan is for the container to evolve to continuously reduce the plastic content of packaging. For those without automatic cup filling installed, Italpack together with their partners can develop a total solution with low initial investments. Yogurt, cottage cheese, mozzarella and other dairy products are naturally suited for this interesting innovation.

Source: Italpack Cartons
Author: Sossna
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