Ingredia hold conference on milk protein for the ageing population at HIE, Frankfurt:

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Ingredia Conf IDM Nov18

In order to respond to an ever-growing market demand, the food industry strives to offer products with an adapted nutritional profile and texture (due to issues such as dental problems, dysphagia, taste and smell deficiencies etc).


Despite these specific nutritional needs, seniors do not want to feel categorised and so, nutritional products aimed for them must be just as indulgent, attractive and functional as its counterparts aimed for other population categories.


The growing nutritional potential of dairy proteins due to their abundance in all, of the essential amino acids, has distinguished them as a first-choice ingredient for development in clinical nutrition.

Ingredia supports this trend by specialising in the manufacture of native milk proteins.


PRODIETFLUID has a high nutritional value because of its high amount of essential amino acids.

The micellar caseins of PRODIETFLUID are extracted by filtration which allows them to keep their native structure compared to caseinates which are extracted by acidification. This unmodified structure is responsible for the slow release of amino acids in the blood. However, the change in structure caused by acidification has an impact on digestion and therefore on gastric behaviour also.


What varies in digestion between casein extracted by filtration and caseinates extracted by acidification? To find out more about micellar casein, visit us on our stand at HiE: Ingredia Dairy Experts # 8G61 or at


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