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Dairy products are particularly susceptible to bacterial contamination. That's why hygienically pure production processes are essential. With the new Conti Blue Steam, Continental supports professional cleaning in dairies and milk processing plants. Thanks to high temperature resistance, the steam and cleansing hose reliably conducts hot water and saturated steam up to 164°C, which is preferable when cleaning production facilities. Since the microscopically small vapor molecules, in contrast to water droplets, penetrate into the smallest unevenness of a surface, and thanks to their high temperature, they dissolve greasy, oily and wax-containing contamination. All without adding any chemicals. Steam also has a disinfecting effect. Moreover, the Conti Blue Steam complies with all food regulations: The white inner lining of the Conti Blue Steam is absolutely smooth, homogeneous and odorless, and has no effect on taste. In addition, it can be cleaned and disinfected properly according to national and international hygiene regulations. The blue outer lining of the hose for dairies is also food-compliant and abrasion-resistant, and can withstand heat, UV radiation and ozone. Its material design and construction make the Conti Blue Steam highly flexible and extremely robust. This is what makes it a reliable and durable operating resource.

Source: Continental
Author: Sossna
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