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On 14 November last year, the Italian group IMA sold 60% of the shares in ERCA, HASSIA, HAMBA-GASTI and IMA Dairy & Food USA with a total turnover of € 130 million and 500 employees (2018) to the company Newco, which is owned by Thomas Becker. The deal had a volume of € 18 million. At the same time, Becker was appointed Managing Director of HASSIA GmbH. Benhil GmbH and the Indian Hassia Packaging Pvt. Ltd. remain 100% owned by IMA.

Alberto Vacchi, Chairman and CEO of IMA, commented on the transaction: Over the past two years, IMA has experienced a number of problems in reorganizing and improving the profitability of Erca, Hassia, Hamba-Gasti and IMA Dairy & Food USA. With his experience in the industry, Becker should now lead the companies into a successful and fast-growing future.

In 2011, the 55-year-old Becker has previously acquired packaging machine manufacturer Rovema together with financial investors Equita GmbH & Co. Holding KGaA and Equita GmbH & Co. CoVest KGaA. Becker was named CEO of Rovema in 2011. In October 2017, Rovema was acquired by family equity investor Haniel. In August 2018, Becker has left Rovema.

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Source: Packaging Observer / Gießener Allgemeine / moneyhouse
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