IFT Food Expo 2019

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Demand for plant-based alternatives to dairy products is rising around the world. But plant-based products can be successful only if they offer consumers convincing flavour and texture. At this year’s IFT Food Expo in New Orleans, Hydrosol, one of the world’s leading suppliers of stabilising and texturing systems, is presenting the latest generation of functional systems and all-in compounds for making vegan alternatives to pizza cheese, cream cheese and sour cream. Hydrosol is exhibiting at the SternMaid Ingredients booth No. 2550, where trade visitors can find custom solutions for new product ideas.


A vegan alternative to sour cream that cannot be told from the original – one of Hydrosol’s answers to the growing consumer demand for clean label products. This plant-based sour cream is free of e-numbers, and is based on almond drink and coconut fat. Together with a Hydrosol stabilising and texturing system, it gives a sour cream alternative that is perfect as a topping for burgers and burritos or a dip for potato wedges and chips.

Source: Hydrosol
Author: Sossna
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