How to position plant-based alternatives

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British market research company FMCG Gurus has analysed the plant-based trend. The new report „Top Trend: Plant-Life Explored“ makes some recommendations for best positioning alternatives in the market:


Position plant-based diets as cool and fashionable

It must be remembered that many of the ingredients and products that are witnessing a surge in popularity as a result of plant-based diets are not new to the market and have been around for decades. The reason for the popularity is that consumers are changing their diets to act in a sustainable and healthier manner. 

This is something that the industry needs to capitalize on by positioning plant-based products around forms of self-expression and elitism, positioning products as stylish and cool as opposed to simply being better-for-you.


Target better-for-you snacking occasions 

Interest in alternative protein sources is something that is being driven by consumers turning to products high in protein because they are guilt-free and conveniently nutritious. This links to changing meal-time and snacking habits and consumers switching traditional impulse categories like chocolate for high protein/low sugar alternatives.

Plant-based ingredients appeal because they are natural and nutritious and as such, products need to be targeted at snacking occasions when consumers are seeking out better-for-you options.


Ensure products are not seen as compromise-free 

Irrespective of attempts made by the food and drink industry to change perceptions over the decade, consumers can still feel that the healthiest food and drink is bland and boring and lacking in taste. Plant-based food and drink is no exception to this, whilst consumers can also be reluctant to cut down on products like meat and dairy for the same reason.

At a time when consumers are seeking out moments of indulgence and escapism daily, it is crucial that plant-based products are seen to be compromise-free when it comes to taste and texture.

Source: FMCG Gurus
Author: Sossna
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