How flexible packaging boosts fitness in business

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Volpak IDM Mar19

As the most economical solution, it has also been proven to boost consumer wellness and marketability, proving that flexibility is just as important to packaging as it is to physical performance. Volpak, a Coesia Group company, is the pioneer and the leading brand in the design and manufacturing of horizontal form-fill machines for flexible pouches.


Pouches are at the forefront of the flexible packaging revolution, thanks mainly to their versatility. From snacks and household products to baby food and beyond, pouches can be adapted for pretty much any product and industry. Various filling and packing technologies are employed in the production process of the pouches to guarantee full protection and freshness of the packaged product every time.


They also ensure long-lasting freshness within the flexible packaging, while also extending the shelf life. Since pouches can easily include resealable options such as zip-locks and many others, goods may last longer even after they are opened by the customer. This adds great value for the modern consumer who is always on the move, by offering multiple solutions for carrying and storing liquid, powders, solids, and so on.


There are also plenty of exterior aesthetic options to play around with. With pouching technology, you can stretch your imagination to create all sorts of unique shapes, sizes, materials and components, giving you complete freedom over the look and feel of the pouch.


But when we talk about flexibility, it’s also important to consider the wider impact. From the production to distribution processes, flexible pouches are by far the most cost-effective packaging solution, as well as being the more ecological one compared to cans, jars, bottles or boxes. For one, the manufacturing process of flexible pouches is much simpler. It takes far less material to produce pouches compared to rigid packaging solutions, and thus has a much lower production cost.


With the highest product-to-package ratio of any other packaging solution, pouches are more compact in space and lighter in weight than cans or jars. This makes them more efficient to transport, thus reducing both transportation costs and CO2 emissions. Even in cases where the packaging is not recycled after use, leftover pouch material still creates less landfill debris, since there was less material to begin with. Plus, efficient manufacturing technology like Volpak machines enables less heat to be used in the production process, meaning the amount of energy is reduced from the get-go.


While the packaging industry continues to push for the use of recyclable materials, thereby bringing significant challenges for manufacturers on equipment performance level, Volpak has already developed the technology to operate with recyclable materials. Stability in the forming process, control of film stretching, precise settings and accurate control of sealing parameters (namely time, pressure and temperature) are key elements to producing good quality and leak-proof pouches, especially if made with down-gauge packaging films. For more visit



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