Help kids grow with high-protein shake

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NG Vitafoods IDM Feb19

This kid-friendly protein shake mix, already successful in the US and Israel, is available in vanilla and chocolate flavours, is high in whey protein, vitamins, and minerals. According to a recent clinical study, Healthy Height can help young children who are short and lean grow taller.


Each serving of Healthy Height has 12g of high-quality bone- and muscle-building whey protein. The shake suits kids’ picky palates to be enjoyed before school, as a snack, or with dinner, while helping children get the nutrients they need to speed their growth. This hormone-free, gluten-free shake also includes amino acids that are key to growth. It contains no soy, artificial colours, flavourings, or preservatives.


Healthy Height is already experiencing successful sales in the US and Israel. NG Solutions also signed distribution contracts with leading companies in Australia, China, Italy, and Romania, and is actively seeking to add distributors in Europe and Asia. For more visit stand S159 at Vitafoods or



Source: NG Solutions
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