Healthy added value and authentic taste in organic quality

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Dohler Biofach IDM Feb20

Plant-based products support a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Applications such as ice-cream creations or drinks can be manufactured using natural, plant-based and organic quality ingredients from Dohler. These products impress across the board, an example of which is the Creamie, a hazelnut smoothie with a soft mouthfeel and authentic taste. Organic quality is also available for plant-based, spoonable desserts with creamy textures in flavours such as hibiscus, blackcurrant and rhubarb, rich in proteins and which can be positioned as clean label products.


Dohler will also present its plant-based Florentines at the Biofach trade fair. The crunchy baked goods can be flexibly adapted to customer and consumer demands – from a plant-based positioning to different colours and reduced sugar to a savoury taste instead of sweet.


Transparency through organic quality and clean label positioning

By choosing high-quality food and beverages, consumers are supporting their diet, as well as their physical and mental well-being. Certifications and sources of the food play an important role, and these factors have resulted in terms such as ‘organic’, ‘regional’ and ‘clean label’ becoming more important. Along with conventional, natural ingredients and ingredient systems, Dohler provides numerous organically certified ingredients, as well as sustainably produced raw materials, all certified by Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ, among others, as well as being SAI/FSA certified.


Products positioned as ‘clean label’ are highly rated thanks to their reduced and transparent ingredients list – and Dohler will present infusions based on just a few ingredients at the Biofach trade fair. The Fruit Infused Tea Drinks and Fruit Infused Water are low-calorie, have no added flavours and are manufactured using real fruits, providing a full and strong taste, making them ideal for healthy indulgence!


Different white chocolate creations, including combinations with turmeric, blueberry and lemon oil, or strawberry pieces and lime oil, provide special Multi-Sensory Experiences® thanks to the mixture of mild sweetness and crunchy fruit, while white chocolate with banana powder, raspberry and orange oil provides a harmonious combination of tastes.


Healthy added value with food in organic quality

Food applications should impress consumers when it comes to both their taste, as well as their sensory properties, while also providing added value for the health of the consumers. Doehler offers a comprehensive portfolio of natural ingredients and ingredient systems to meet these demands. In Nuremberg, the company will present a tea containing the trend ingredient guayusa which, in combination with lime and mint, is both refreshing and low in calories.


Healthy snacking

Alongside the source and processing methods of the ingredients, consumers also pay attention to the reduction of sugar and calories. Innovative sweetening solutions from Dohler ensure reduced sugar products retain a natural taste, meaning consumers can enjoy food and beverages without a guilty conscience.


The wide range of organic fruit and vegetable ingredients includes NFC juices, juice concentrates and purees, whereby the fruit and vegetable raw materials are directly and gently processed after they are pressed in the region of origin. Dohler benefits from its vertical integration comprising a worldwide network of raw materials, its own on-site fruit and vegetable processing in the growing regions and agro-sustainability programmes around the globe.


In Nuremberg, Dohler will present a rhubarb still drink made with NFC juice which impresses through its naturalness, reduced sugar content and special portion of refreshment, alongside the ‘Tropical Light’ – a fruity NFC juice which has a particularly tropical taste note thanks to the combination of fruits and coconut water. The company has a comprehensive portfolio of natural and organically certified ingredients, enabling the company and its customers to develop diverse and individual recipes, colours and tastes.


Even in confectionery, the trend towards organic quality, added functionality, naturalness and striking product appearance can be observed. Dohler therefore offers numerous fruit gum applications perfectly tailored to these consumer demands. Proteins and botanical extracts are used to provide valuable ingredients, while the fruit gums are enriched with purees or juice concentrates to make them especially fruity.


Sustainability for foods and the company

The growing importance of organic quality products with natural taste, healthy functionality and pleasant textures also results in changed market requirements for the entire product life cycle and also the company’s entrepreneurial thinking and doing. Dhler has a pioneering portfolio to meet all these demands. One example is the “Whole Fruit Apple” juice beverage, which clearly demonstrates just how sustainability can be achieved through optimal processing. The beverage is produced using all parts of the apple, including the valuable, fibre-rich apple pomace which is normally left over during juice production, therefore imbuing the beverage with an even more intense fruit taste.


As a provider of complete ingredient systems and integrated solutions, Dohler works together with its customers to develop individual, innovative and sustainable concepts – from the initial idea to the development and implementation to the product being placed on the supermarket shelves – and all in line with the company motto of “We bring ideas to life.” We would like to invite visitors to discover the world of innovative concepts for organically certified foods and beverages and be impressed by the unique, Multi-Sensory Experiences at Dohler’s trade fair stand. For more visit Hall 6 / Stand 6-249 or

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