Global Dairy Trade marks one year anniversary of GDT Marketplace

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Global Dairy Trade, the world’s leading dairy trading platform, has attracted registered sellers from Europe, USA, Asia and Oceania for its new GDT Marketplace platform launched a year ago this month.


Eric Hansen, Director of Global Dairy Trade, said the 24/7 dairy trading platform has proven to be an attractive conduit for buyers and sellers seeking to trade in smaller volumes than the larger generic trades executed on the price discovery platform known as GDT Events.


“GDT Marketplace provides immediacy and flexibility for businesses wanting to buy or sell a wide range of products in any quantity at any time on a reliable, safe and secure digital platform,” said Mr Hansen.


GDT Marketplace now has 165 registered buyers, transacting with five major sellers. More than 1,500 listings have been completed across a broad product range from generic ingredients like whole milk powders and cheese to more specialist offerings such as flavoured milk powders and calcium caseinates used in sports nutritional products.


“GDT Marketplace is attracting strong interest from dairy companies, and we expect to see further expansion of sellers and products from different regions available through the platform,” said Mr Hansen.


“These positive responses from both sides of the market demonstrate that this innovative service – which acts like a global shop front connecting buyers and sellers – is effectively complementing our primary GDT Events platform,” said Mr Hansen.


“In its first year of operation, GDT Marketplace has established its ability to discover new demand, and facilitate trading between buyers and sellers who had not previously done business together. This supports our vision for creating a globally connected marketplace,” he said. For more visit:



Source: GDT
Author: COX
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