Global Dairy Trade launches US lactose multi-seller pool

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Global Dairy Trade lactose IDM Sept

Global Dairy Trade is broadening its services by hosting its first multi-seller pool which will offer US-sourced standard lactose products during the GDT Trading Event on 5 December 2017.


The companies participating in the pool are three of the leading US lactose producers: Agropur Inc, Hilmar Ingredients and Valley Queen Cheese. Several others have expressed interest in taking part early next year.


The service has been established following GDT’s consultation with US dairy buyers and sellers, exploring the feasibility of creating a multi-seller pool to offer supply of standard product specifications on GDT Events. While the identity of participating sellers will be published, some individual information will remain confidential, such as whether a seller is participating in a particular Trading Event, or each seller’s offer quantities.


Said Eric Hansen, Director of Global Dairy Trade:

“Feedback enabled us to confirm that US sellers valued greater protection of their individual commercial information. We also found that there was a strong appetite for improved price transparency on lactose products. Our Oversight Board subsequently voted in favour of the rule changes that enabled establishment of the multi-seller pool."


“The high level of interest from US sellers indicates an increasing level of confidence in Global Dairy Trade’s role as a key platform for international trade in a broad range of dairy products, and as a relevant price discovery mechanism. We look forward to broadening the range of Ingredients products offered in multi-seller pools in 2018,” said Mr Hansen.


The US sellers are looking for new demand for their high-quality lactose products, offered as either Mesh 40, Mesh 100 or Mesh 200 specifications. Bidders can be assured that each plant is approved by USDA and FDA agencies and meets 3-A standards. For more visit



Source: Global Dairy Trade
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