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SPX FLOW offers direct heating systems, such as steam injection and the company's unique, advanced steam infusion UHT plants, along with indirect solutions such as tubular heat exchangers. All carefully engineered, and the choice of the technology depends on business goals and desired final product characteristics.


SPX FLOW Infusion UHT plants use gentle processes, providing rapid heating and cooling with highly accurate holding times to produce premium quality products with extended shelf life (ESL) and superior, fresh tastes. A highly flexible solution, the system can be used across a wide range of products and viscosities.


SPX FLOW Infusion plants produce high quality results using a patented design, which includes a lobe style pump with precise holding times that are extremely accurate and can be varied to meet application needs. The InfusionPlus process can heat product incredibly fast, reaching 157°C and ensures a holding time in as little as 0.09 seconds. This preserves the natural characteristics of the product producing a ‘fresh’ pasteurised milk flavour.


For products with higher viscosities, the patented Instant Infusion plant is specifically designed for the efficient treatment of high fouling products with up to 58% total solids. With holding times between 0.5 and 0.09 seconds, this system also offers high precision and preserves the natural characteristics of the product. Indeed, in some applications, it has been shown to produce 70% less vitamin loss compared with other technologies.


For the ultimate in economical UHT processing, SPX FLOW has produced standard ‘Express’ solutions. Without compromise on quality or expertise, these systems offer customers a solution that is available with an incredibly short lead time, is highly economical and produces proven, high quality results.


Tubular UHT Express packages are available for capacities between 3,000 and 26,000 l/h. Although these are ‘standard’ solutions, customers can select from a wide range of options, such as types of balance tank, w/wo CIP, filters, number of loops, different tube configurations, homogeniser types, de-aerator and insulation and heat protection.


The Tubular UHT Express packages have been designed based on SPX FLOW’s vast experience and expertise. By re-using engineering and offering proven designs, these innovative packages offer high quality, state-of-the-art technology with many of the benefits of a fully customised tubular UHT plant, but at a much lower cost.


Tubular UHT Express systems give assured performance with long run times. Their design promotes an overall lower total cost of ownership with minimised energy, water and CIP chemical usage; efficient cleaning, and straightforward maintenance. Rarely has this quality of engineering and expertise been so readily available and highly affordable in the market. For more visit or


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