Get hands-on with EXBERRY Colouring Foods at Food Matters Live

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EXBERRY Colouring Foods are obtained from fruits, vegetables and edible plants and made using gentle, physical processes such as pressing, chopping, filtering and concentrating, with no chemical solvents.


In addition to providing clean-label appeal, they can impart almost any shade to food and beverages.


To celebrate the importance of colour beyond the simple visual appearance, GNT has created a new format for Food Matters Live (Stand C40) that provides hands-on experiences to stimulate the senses and communicate three important messages:


1) Colour influencing perception

EXBERRY is used for colouring purposes and does not itself impart flavour in finished products. Visitors will have the chance to add their choice of EXBERRY Colouring Food to fruity yogurt and taste alongside uncoloured yogurt to experience how the simple addition of colour affects flavor perception and influences enjoyment.


2) Colour and emotion are linked

Colour can be used to influence or reflect the way we feel. At this station, GNT presents visitors with a spectrum of coloured products and emotive language and offers the chance to participate in a digital questionnaire to explore this link between food and drink colour and emotion.


3) Colour and creativity go hand in hand

Café culture gives consumers a chance to experience products that not only taste good but look incredible too. Visitors can create their own eye-catching layered cold brew coffee featuring EXBERRY Colouring Foods in flavoured syrups and colourful sprinkles. Visitors will also have the chance to win a unique prize by capturing their creation in a mini 'photo booth' and sharing the image on social media using #ColouringFood.


In addition, visitors can walk through GNT’s EXBERRY production process – from the cultivation of the seeds to the application of the company’s Colouring Foods for clean- and clear-label products.


Said GNT Group’s Helen Vine: “At Food Matters Live, we’re offering visitors the chance to experience our ‘Love Colour with EXBERRY’ initiative that explores how color can influence mood and deliver feelings of greater enjoyment. With the new generation of consumers increasingly seeking clean and clear labels as well as the Instagrammability factor, EXBERRY Colouring Foods are an ideal solution. So for a colourful experience, come and visit GNT on Stand C40.” For more visit Food Matters Live, at ExCeL, London 19th - 20th November or


Source: GNT
Author: COX
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