German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier visits Krones’ facility in Rosenheim

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To kick off his tour of Germany, which he had already announced in his inaugural speech, the country’s President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, visited Bavaria together with Elke Büdenbender on 26 and 27 April 2017.


And Krones’ facility in Rosenheim was on his itinerary too. Krones’ plant in Rosenheim is the group’s second-largest production facility, and the region’s biggest employer, manufacturing packers and palletisers for all output ranges.


During a tour of the production halls, the President was briefed on the company and its operations. Cordial, visibly interested, and asking numerous insightful questions, he made a highly favourable impression on Krones AG’s Executive Board Chairman Christoph Klenk and board member Thomas Ricker, Plant Manager Dr. Helmut Schwarz and Krones’ Supervisory Board Chairman Volker Kronseder. Krones’ trainees and staff also found him friendly and approachable.


For Krones’ facility in Rosenheim and for the company as a whole, with all its staff, it was a great honour to host the country’s President. The choice of Krones’ plant in Rosenheim, believes Plant and Divisional Manager Dr. Helmut Schwarz, is a fitting tribute to the facility’s evolution, since Krones is meanwhile a major economic in Rosenheim and the surrounding region, and draws its employees from an area extending far beyond Rosenheim itself. Krones in Rosenheim is vitally important for the company, as evidenced by the 100 million euros that Krones has invested in this facility over recent years. For more visit:


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