Gebo Cermex helping manufacturers improve performance while lowering environmental impact

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Gebo Cermex IDM Oct

Successfully launched at last month's Drinktec, the OptiFeed crown feeder and the EvoFilm shrink-wrapping system are two new solutions from Gebo Cermex that boost reliable and flexible production, at improved speeds, while reducing environmental footprint and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).



The first new solution is the durable OptiFeed crown feeder, delivering reliable, high-speed performance in a compact space. Developed for the glass market and building on the global success of Gebo Cermex cap-feeder solutions - currently totalling 1,400 installations worldwide – this new crown feeder platform ensures quality and compliance of crowns. Even at speeds as high as 81,000 crowns per hour, its integrated vision device allows unsuitable crowns to be spotted and seamlessly ejected, without stopping the flow.



Another world premiere at Drinktec 2017 is the Gebo Cermex EvoFilm, a robust, flexible, highly compact and energy-efficient shrink-wrapping system. Drawing on the company’s 50 years of experience with secondary packaging and end-of-line solutions, it delivers quality packs while meeting today’s challenges of customisation and sustainability. Developed for the very demanding high-speed production segment, this solution integrates a gentle product infeed and optimised transfer zones, key features when reaching impressive production speeds of up to 150 cycles per minute in three lanes. For more visit:

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